Lux Facta Est (Let there be Light)

“The woman whom he now  saw was a noble, beautiful creature, with all the most bewitching outlines of woman, at the precise moment at which they are yet combined with all the most charming graces of childhood,- that pure and fleeting moment which  can only be translated by these two words: sweet fifteen. Beautiful chestnut hair, shaded with veins of gold, a brow which seemed chiseled marble, cheeks which seemed made of roses, a pale incarnadine, a flushed whiteness, an exquisite mouth, whence came a smile like a gleam of sunshine, and a voice like music. And that nothing might be wanting to this ravishing form, the nose was not beautiful, it was pretty; neither straight nor curved, neither Italian nor Greek; it was a Parisian nose; that is, something sprightly, fine, irregular and pure, the despair of painters and the charm of poets.”

junia sofa

Junia Sofa 3

Junia Sofa 4

Junia Sofa 5

Junia Sofa 9

Junia Sofa 13

Junia Sofa 2i

Extract from Les Miserable – Victor Hugo

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  1. Reply
    bruno April 3, 2013

    Beautiful shoot …the model was amazing too !Great work .

  2. Reply
    Zeinabou April 3, 2013

    The lighting here is amazing, love the tulle!

  3. Reply
    Hazel April 9, 2013

    this internet site is my intake , rattling wonderful design and style and perfect subject material .

    • Reply
      The Life of Roses April 9, 2013

      Thank you Hazel, thats all we could ever ask for.

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